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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season to Study

As the warm thoughts of Holiday cheer is supposed to be entering my heart, I have another thing on my mind....exams.  I am always the first person to break out the Christmas music and hang my stocking abnormally far before Thanksgiving.  But this year, my jolly cheer has been halted by the ever burdening final exams.

While spending a wonderful, yet far too short, Thanksgiving break at home in Michigan, I was able to put off my dismal thoughts for just a short time.  I refused to open my laptop in hopes that those dreary papers would magically go away, only to find them still waiting to be written as I landed back in Birmingham.

So how do I plan to cope with these scrooge-like papers?  Spending my time writing them as warm and jolly as I can.  I went on a little excursion today to get the necessary tools to survive my holiday exams:

The first stop, Starbucks.  I'm in love with their Peppermint Mochas (NF/SF).  To keep me in an even brighter mood, it came in their holiday cups to not only keep me alert with caffeine but to boost my creativity and optimism simply from the cheery containers.

The second stop was Target, where I found the most adorable holiday pens for note-taking.  It may be dismal, but these vibrant utensils may just make it a little more bearable :)
And of course, I can't go to target during the holidays without getting a new set of mittens for walking to class.  We only barely need them in the mornings down south, but it's a little bit of home! [I heard i snowed today in Michigan...SO jealous!]

Finally, I updated my iPod with some Classic Christmas music (Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby of course) to get me in the Christmas mood.  I snuggled up to my Peppermint Mocha and am now in the middle of writing a fabulous paper and presentation for my Elections class [oh the joys of term limits!]...

Just one more Presentation and two more exams til I'm home free for the Holidays in beautiful, snowy Michigan!

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